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To Whom It May Concern:  


I want to acknowledge the excellent customer service and construction expertise that has been shown by Omnicon, Inc. and its employers.  As an adjuster for [an insurance company], I had many pleasurable experiences working with them on claim settlements for both homeowners and commercial claims. They have handled our customers in a very prompt, professional manner.


As an agent for [insurance company], I am also recommending them to my client's for repairs from their losses. I feel they take the time needed to assist our clients in their settlement and they use expertise to make sure the job is done to the complete satisfaction of the insured.




Plainfield, IL

Dear Mark,


Just want to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did restoring our house after our flood damage. From our first meeting, Lore and I knew you were the "right guy" for the job. We are especially grateful for Nancy's hard work and her persistence in getting things done.


We also appreciate the extra trim work you did regarding the upstairs bathroom. We will recommend you to anyone who has suffered a disaster like ours because we know you're a man of your word and do excellent work. Thank you!


Very truly yours,

Joe and Lori

Manhattan, IL



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with all of the work that your company did for me. Obviously, Scott and Nancy were fantastic to work with and were available to me anytime I needed them; however, I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the other people that worked so hard for me.


Angela and her team were so sweet and careful with everything that they cleaned and packed. They were always smiling and just genuinely nice people. Doug was great also.  I heard everything that he did in trying to match my new baseboard stain to my old color--definitely above and beyond the call of duty. Brian also went above what was required in that he recommended fixing up all of my drywall in the basement and patched and fixed all of the flaws. Charlie was the best.  He even helped me get my daughter's Christmas present out of my car (a huge game table that probably weighed over 100 pounds). He did it with a smile, great guy! David was also super. He and his team just took over on the electrical. I really didn't care what it looked like but he did what he thought would look best and it is remarkable. He also recommended having lights put in under my cabinets and that is that biggest compliment that I get when people come over, the under cabinet lighting.  Frank, the plumber, was great. I am even trying to see if I can get him to come back up here to help me with a plumbing problem that I am having on my second floor.


I apologize for not mentioning everyone by name, but at one point there were so many people flowing through the house I couldn't keep track.


I realize that you guys deal with disasters every week, sometimes every day, and at no time did I feel that anyone was jaded to my plight. Everyone made me feel like I was the only disaster house that they were working on and that is quite an accomplishment for your employees being that they deal with this stuff every day.


I guess to sum up, I can't think of a bigger compliment that this:


My daughters very rarely stepped foot in the basement before October 22, 2004, and not they live there. As soon as they come home from school they drop their backpacks and head for the basement. That just makes my day. Also, I now actually want to cook. My kitchen looks awesome.


One side of me is very happy to have all of the workers out of my house but the other side of me is going to miss them clanking around downstairs.


Please feel free to use my name and give out my number to anyone who would like a reference, I can't say enough good things about your company.



Aurora, IL

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This is long overdue. I have meant to drop a note to thank you for the manner in which your company took care of a problem we recently had in Crestwood.


I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency with which you moved. One hears so many horror stories about insurance companies and contractors that quite frankly I was totally taken by surprise with our experience. The entire operation moved so fast and so smoothly I was impressed.


I was so glad that I went with your contractor they did a wonderful job. Mark and Nancy & Scott and the other service people they used were great. I know it wasn't always east for them as I wanted to stay here during the work but they made every effort to work around me. I have a very inconsistent work schedule but they tried real hard to accommodate my comings and goings. I barely had to dust after they left they did such a good job of protecting my belongings. I still sit and wonder did I really not have a kitchen for a month and still manage to stay here. They worked at moving my belongings in such a way that I literally had my whole place in my front room with is what allowed me to stay here.


I know that the other owner in the situation and his family were also very pleased with the job done.


Once again thank you and Omnicon.



Crestwood, IL

Omnicon, Inc. is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business, with an "A+" rating every year since 2005. Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service and superior workmanship.

Dear Mr. Miller,


On behalf of the Manhattan United Methodist Church I want to thank you and your company for the excellent restoration effort at our Church following the January 11, 2011 fire.


I especially want to thank Nancy Wright for her tireless efforts in coordinating the various sub-contractors necessary for this project and her truly professional demeanor each and every time we had contact.


Mike Skwarczynski prepared a very professional and comprehensive estimate of damage, leaving nothing undiscovered.


Bill (and I am sorry I do not recall his last name) was one of the first members of your company I dealt with and his professionalism and work ethic assured me this was going to turn out all right.


Additionally, I had the opportunity to observe Bill's dealings with an employee I concluded to be new to the job. He had a patient and thorough approach to the training of an individual new to the job and I judge him to be a valuable memeber of your team.


I retired several years ago as a Vice-President of claims operations for an insurance company and had the experience in some thirty five years in dealing with restoration companies. I can only conclude that I wish they would all operate as does Omnicon.


I have recommended to our Church's Conference Director of Ministry Protection Omnicon would be considered for all similar incidents.


Please accept my thanks for a job well done.


Sincerely yours,


James S.

Manhattan, IL