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"Your Disaster Restoration Team"

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Skilled remediation


Removing mold and restoring your home

The conditions in which mold thrives can often go unnoticed. Omnicon, Inc. has the experienced and trained team to spot and repair mold damage. In addition to repair, we focus on the conditions that are beneficial for mold growth and work to prevent future damage to your home.

Caring for all of your belongings

Full disaster recovery and repair

 •  Complete mold remediation service

 •  Residential and commercial inspections

 •  Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing

 •  Efficient containment and removal of contaminated materials

 •  Professional mold testing

 •  HEPA Air Scrubbers and Vacuums

Mold damage can often occur following inadequate water and flood relief. Rely on Omnicon, Inc. to recover your home from all disasters.


We help repair and recover your home from water and flood damage, fire and smoke damage and storm damage, to ensure you get back on your feet quickly.

“I realize that you guys deal with disasters every week, sometimes every day, and at no time did I feel that anyone was jaded to my plight. ” 

- Pam


Call us today for quick repairs.


Combating an often unseen problem

with mold remediation